image of myself

I'm 27 years old and live near Munich, Germany. During the last years, I was busy studying mechanical engineering with the main focus on robotics and medical engineering. Now I'm working at the Intelligent Process Automation and Robotics Lab at KIT.

I'm a free software advocate and I'm convinced that the freedom of our computing is an essential part of a free society. I also just very much enjoy using free software and working with others to improve it. I have an interest in encryption and privacy/security issues. Additionally, I think that the internet should be decentralized to ensure control over our own data. In order to improve the situation, I am trying to host all the services I need on my own servers and I also provide them to my family and friends.

Photography and filming is another passion of mine, including the post-processing part. That's why I'm part of the Munich Filmworks project. I like to do sports, too. Nowadays, I am just trying to stay fit, but I was an avid 400m sprinter for some years and competed in various track and field events.

Besides all of this, I like to watch good or silly movies, preferably in English to improve my skills in this language. In the past, I was reading a lot of books and every National Geographic issue from the first to the last page. These days, due to the lack of time and because National Geographic is now part of the Murdoch empire, I've mainly resorted to keeping up with current news, reading political commentary and following various blogs.